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Energy Medicine


About the Energy Body

A. Three Forms of Object Existences

Physical form, ----- the structure of the objects, can see, can touch. 
Chemical form, ------ the elements of an object, such as protein, sugar, fat, C, H, O2,  etc. 
Energy form -------- waves, frequencies,
----can’t see
----can’t touch
----but people can see the result, or the effect of the energy, such as electricity, magnetics

  • a. Cell Electric
  • b. Organ Electric
  • c. Body Electric

B. The Concept of Energy Fields

Anything has its own energy, the frequencies are different. For example, egg, apple, nuts etc… any foods, different animals, different human bodies, all have their own energy fields, frequencies. Every physiological process in the body has an electrical counterpart, and Energy fields play vital roles in regulating the structure and function of the body. Acupuncture meridians have been proved has the low resistance pathways for the flow of electricity.

C. If Two Things Put Together

  • Compatible         Incompatible
  • Attract                Rrepulsion
  • Match                 Reject

D. Human body’s Energy

  • Meridian system or
  • Energy pathway or
  • Energy channels

According to the theory  of Traditional Chinese  Medicine, the human body has twelve main meridians  (energy channels or energy pathways) that relate to the internal organs: lungs, large intestine, stomach, spleen, heart, the pericardium (the sac around the heart), known as the gate of life, small intestine, bladder, kidney, gall bladder, liver… etc.  It is not a mystical theory of ancient Chinese, but a type of bioenergetics medicine which has been practiced and developed in Chinese medicine for more than 5000 years. Traditional Chinese Medicine believe as long as the body alive, there is energy circulation through out the entire body all the time without stopping , this energy circulation is along the meridian system or energy pathways. When the energy channels get blocked for any reason, the body will experiences  mal-function, sick or pain.

The meridians are simply the main channels or transmission lines in the continuous molecular fabric of the body. Complete health corresponds to total interconnection. Accumulated physical and/or emotional trauma impair the connections. When this happens, the body's defense and repair systems become impaired and disease has a chance to take hold. Acupuncture and other energy therapies restore and balance the virbratory circuitry, with obvious and profound benefits. The body's defense and repair systems are able to repair themselves.

Dr. James Oschman on Energy Medicine


About Dr. Lu

Dr. Lu  completed his medical education and training in China. (The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Shandong University Medical College respectively) Over 20 years clinic and research experiences in both medical school and hospital, Dr. Lu learned both West Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine including modern medical technology, acupuncture, medicinal herbs, and specializing in neurology. After years practice and accomplishments in China, Dr. Lu was invited as a visiting  assistant professor at the University of South Carolina, School of Medicine in 1991. After excellent achievements in research program funded by NIH and NSF, Dr. Lu decided to become a Chiropractic Doctor in order to introduce the Traditional Chinese Medicine to theWestern culture. Obtained Doctor Degree of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic, Dr. Lu became a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic and board certified Acupuncturist and began his practice in Dallas Texas since then. In 2007 Dr. Lu was voted the best acupuncturist in City of Richardson by Living Magazine.


Dr. Lu Acu

Doctor of Chiropractic
Board Certified Acupuncturist
M.D. in China
Over 20 years of Clinic Experience
Member of American Chiropractic Association

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